October 17, 2018by EZQ

We are extremely thrilled and blessed to release our NEW PROGRAM brand name!

When launching this program in 2014, Isokinetic Speed Development was exactly what it represented. A program where any youth athlete can join and simply train to become FASTER. But throughout the years, we have evolved and developed new methods that target much more than just “speed.”
We have innovated and established a new vision for our youth athletes in the community! ISO Sports Performance Training provides functional training for “all-athletes” seeking to not only get faster, but also to provide the proper guidance needed to reduce the risk of injury, develop the body to perform efficiently, and meet specific sports demands.

To make this NEWS UPDATE even better, ISO Sports Performance will be EXPANDING and reaching out to more youth athletes around the greater southern part of Houston!!
*Our second location will be released on Friday!*

A huge thanks to Crossfit Southbelt in Pasadena, Tx who have provided us with not only our first location but a home that our kids feel safe and welcomed. Together, we have instilled trust and confidence in the parents to believe in our training methods.

None of these wonderful changes would have happened without the support in Travis Smith and Chris Duke.
Please stay up to date on our second location as we will be posting news on and our social media platforms.

To the parents who have believed in us since day one, words will never describe our appreciation to you (heart)
Iso Sports Performance Training is now the BEST program in Houston for youth sports development training.


January 15, 2015by admin

The Pasadena Memorial Lady Track team have joined our Program! The girls were hungry for success on their upcoming track season. The Isokinetic Speed Development Program has stepped in as a strategy to reinforce the lady Mavericks to help them win races! The Isokinetic team would like to wish them the very BEST of luck on their following races.


November 20, 2014by admin

Mixed martial arts Manny “El Animal” Lozoya, has joined the Isokinetic Speed Development program to enchance his speed and endurance. With training on the Vertimax platforms, Manny has now felt more explosive in the octagon! His results have also gained him more stamina to last longer while the opponent has tired out. Manny Lozoya represents Millenium Martial Ats and Muay ThiaCorner. He is currently the Bantamweight champion for GarciaPromotions. His record stands at 10 wins with only 3 losses. Manny is now on a five fight winning streak, and strongly believes that the Isokinetic Speed Program had something to do with that! As he approaches his profesional debut, he is planning on using the Isokinetic Speed Program as one of his main plans for conditioning and speed training.

-Isokinetic Team


November 18, 2014by admin

The Isokinetic Speed Development team has made an impact these past few months on our young 10 year old athletes! We have grown from having one 10 year old boy, to six 10 year olds within the last month! The parents have been really pleased with the fast resuls that Vertimax has brought to their kids. Our main focus for our 10 year old boys is teaching them the correct running form and techniques to be more explosive for their sport! Our boys run on light resistance bands, but heavy on sprints, jump squats and the speed ladder!

-Isokinetic Team