November 16, 2018by Jay Lozoya

I’ve only heard stories about it, but last night Walter Anoruo and I were victims of this terrible crime. lol (I will be using a few “lol’s” in this blog) Two separate phone calls and a “one-way thinker” coach has led me to write this blog. Not about the club he represents, (club name shall not be released) but the audacity of his actions that not only restrains a player from outside training but overall ruins the opportunity a child’s development by teaching “his way” of soccer.


We met a beautiful young lady this past Summer who’s dad was looking for her to get some performance training to help her with her coordination and footwork. That’s when I stepped in and happily started working with her. Because of her work ethic, we started to see great results and her change of speed was finally paying off! We then hit another obstacle along the way and quite frankly, her technical skills on the ball also needed some work. The dad, who didn’t play soccer growing up, did the right thing and outsourced her to Coach Walter. 

Let me tell you, within 4-6 weeks of raw technical training, Walter had changed the way she played soccer. What was “kick and run” for her was starting to transition into half scissors and step-overs! She was far more aggressive and most important, confident on the field!

The other parents  noticed the change in her game and, of course, asked the famous question that Walter and I love, “what is she doing?” Like all of our lovely parents who support us, the dad recommended us for technical training and sports performance. 

With that being said, our Annual Thanksgiving Technical Camp is underway and of course, we have invited the beautiful young lady to participate. Little did we know, “the coach” was also having a 3 day clinic outside of club and demanded us to stop telling his kids about our training because,”I know this sounds arrogant, but I have to teach them my way of soccer and I don’t see why they have to do technical training with Walter..let me take care of that”- coach

The coach has had the same group for nearly a year (or longer), Walter had 1 girl for 4-6 weeks and incredibly transformed her! I see a terrible issue with this coach who can’t seem to find a way to progress his group of kids 🙁

My response was very respective as I mentioned we are doing what we can to help our youth develop individual techniques and skills such as performance training, small-group technical training, technical training clinics and of course…futsal! I mentioned a few names of some wonderful and talented kids who come together 1 x a week and play “pick-up” games on Friday nights, and how important it is for young soccer kids to show up and I mean, its the closest thing we have to street soccer around here!!  I could feel the tension rising as I called out a few other players from his team (I didn’t know they were on his team) come out to futsal on Fridays.

Why get upset?? If the club isn’t training on Fridays, why can’t the kid come out and enjoy some time with other friends??

I don’t know, these are questions I ask myself. Why the holdback?



I believe between the ages of 7-13 years (or older depending on level) should be able to learn the beautiful game of soccer through the minds and eyes of different trainers. This wonderful sport has no limitations on creativity and it is simply too broad for one local coach/trainer to teach it all.

I don’t know how many times I have seen countless athletes swap through Coach Walter and myself..and I absolutely love it. We are two different animals who are only going to make you better. It’s that simple.


Here is the big surprise… Walter and I LOVE club soccer! Whether the club team represents DA, ECNL, DYNAMO DASH, STYSA, or any other independent league, we are here to HELP! Our mission is very simple. We are here to provide a specific type of training that develops the mind and body to be more effective when game day arrives. Our priority is to have our kids be extremely sharp on their 1st touch, 2nd touch, turning, shooting, etc. and most importantly..their quick decision-making skills!

We want to see our athletes succeed and represent their respective clubs with hard work and integrity. So they can one day, play past their club level and enter the collegiate or professional world with the right mindset and work ethic!! Hell, more than 70% of our clientele base are club players and we LOVE that!  So why the big fuss about spreading out the word of true technical training, technical training camps or Futsal??

We are going to give the kids back we promise 🙂 lol


To wrap up this wonderful article, I noticed many inbox messages and Facebook comments on my recent post that was aiming directly at their own club. Don’t do that :/ Walter and I understand the aches and pains of seeing our kids struggle with proper soccer development. That is why were are here.

As parents and trainers, we must keep motivating our youth with positive energy to stay in sports because of the long-term positive effects it has on a person. Walter and I support and respect every single club that a kid represents when walking through our doors.


Today’s blog is directly aimed at a certain coach who suppresses the idea of his kids doing supplemental training if it’s not with him.

This issue happens in many clubs and today’s goal was to spread awareness to have us all one the same page that diversity in training is needed.

P.S. The beautiful young lady was only 7 yrs old…


November 15, 2018by Jay Lozoya

“I never thought it would amount to this..” 

What started as a side hobby in 2010 has really developed into something extraordinary. Almost 10 years of training youth athletes and it still feels unreal. This “youth training program” took 7 years to develop into my full-time job and I couldn’t be anymore blessed to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Today I turn 28 yrs old..!

To see Facebook post from parents of kids I have trained sharing great content such as “happy birthday” videos and special happy birthday inbox messages really comes to show the major impact my team and I have had on these kids!

I look back and see not only the success, but the extreme measures of struggle to get to this level.

At 28 yrs old, I have managed to create a sports performance training program in Pasadena, Tx, expand to League City, Tx and even founded a Futsal Association that develops kids to learn the technical aspects of soccer at a very low cost! Overall, my team and I have produced some amazing athletes throughout the years!

There are certain people out there (you know who you are)  that I have to thank from the bottom of my heart for all of this growth and success. My mission is much more than this article can handle. Thank you for the birthday wishes and I LOVE YOU !

-Jay Lozoya

Iso Sports Performance Director


November 13, 2018by Jay Lozoya

Our awesome Technical Soccer Training 3 day clinic is BACK for Thanksgiving week!

Coach Walter Anoruo and Jay Lozoya will be hosting an intense 3 day technical training clinic starting on the 19th!

Thanks to Coach Hurtado, we will be hosting our sessions OUTDOOR this year at Deer Park South Campus! Please book yourself early for this week so we can be organized with numbers once next week arrives!

*Location is subject to change depending on weather. All sessions could be held indoor at: 3923 Pansy St. Pasadena, Tx 77505*

Monday 19th

Tuesday 20th

Wednesday 21st

8-9:30am Advanced (outdoor)
10-11:30am Intermediate (outdoor)
6-7:30pm HIGH SCHOOL (outdoor/indoor)

If you have any questions about your child’s age or level placement, please email us at or

You can book here: Thanksgiving 3 day Camp

or Give us a Call (832) 641 7494


November 8, 2018by Jay Lozoya

“It’s like starting from scratch, but knowing exactly what do to”

-Coach Jay

Week 1 in League City, Tx was extremely exciting for Iso Sports Performance. We already had athletes driving from Santa Fe,  Alvin and Friendswood all the way to our Pasadena location. So to be much closer to them in league City was a blessing! We covered basic training such as activation techniques,  functional movements and cone drills.

Overall, the environment at Crossfit Intersect really motivates our team to provide the best type of sports performance training for our youth! We plan to build a solid foundation in League City and thank Crossfit Intersect for believing in us!




November 2, 2018by Jay Lozoya

Pre-Season to In-Season Technical Training has been Coach Walter’s and Jay’s vision on “year-round” training. Our main issue that we would encounter when developing this program was that our soccer community were simply not playing enough!

Thats when a group of Challenge girls came along. What started as 1on1 training with a few of them, has transitioned to quality group training providing combination passes, 1v1 training and of course, 3v3 play to wrap up every training session!

This group of girls are training Mon-Wed with their respective Club, and Thursday nights technical training with Walter and myself, not to mention 1on1 personal training when time permits. Thats 4x a week of soccer training  and games on the weekends! Should I mention Futsal on Fridays? (Thats another topic to discuss)

Today’s article is to recognize the pure commitment in these girls who truly understand that you must practice and beat on your craft for hours to become great soccer players! We appreciate the parents’ support and trust in Coach Walter and Jay in preparing our girls with the proper tools needed to be the most effective on the field!

**Picture is missing a few super-stars who have also been committed to us all year :)** 


November 1, 2018by Jay Lozoya

We have modified our prices!

Throughout the years of performance training, we have noticed massive success in our 2 x a week monthly program (8 sessions) for all athletes!  We also noticed the price for 8 sessions was a high price point.

At Iso, our main priority is results before anything else! Therefore, we have modified our 2x a week package to make it more affordable for our athletes!

However, we did raise our 1x a week (4 session) monthly program by $10 simply to average out our price points.

With this new modification in prices, it gives our athletes the opportunity to train MORE for LESS money at our 2x week monthly program!  And of course, still averaging out at $15/session makes us the lowest-cost performance training program in the area!

Check out our sibling packages that include more discounts!



November 1, 2018by Jay Lozoya

What an absolute blessing to get the opportunity and expand further down south into League City, Tx!

Iso Sports Performance will be able to offer a 2 x a week training program that will provide quality training methods to further enhance athletic ability! Our All-Sports training program focuses on functional movements such as: speed and agility, strength and power, and balance and coordination!

We encourage every athlete whether he or she is in pre-season, in-season, or off-season to add “Performance Training” to their regimen to not only be more effective, but to also keep them injury-free!

Training starts Nov. 5th!

400 Hobbs Rd.League City, TX 77573

Stay tuned for some more exciting news!!


October 17, 2018by EZQ

We are extremely thrilled and blessed to release our NEW PROGRAM brand name!

When launching this program in 2014, Isokinetic Speed Development was exactly what it represented. A program where any youth athlete can join and simply train to become FASTER. But throughout the years, we have evolved and developed new methods that target much more than just “speed.”
We have innovated and established a new vision for our youth athletes in the community! ISO Sports Performance Training provides functional training for “all-athletes” seeking to not only get faster, but also to provide the proper guidance needed to reduce the risk of injury, develop the body to perform efficiently, and meet specific sports demands.

To make this NEWS UPDATE even better, ISO Sports Performance will be EXPANDING and reaching out to more youth athletes around the greater southern part of Houston!!
*Our second location will be released on Friday!*

A huge thanks to Crossfit Southbelt in Pasadena, Tx who have provided us with not only our first location but a home that our kids feel safe and welcomed. Together, we have instilled trust and confidence in the parents to believe in our training methods.

None of these wonderful changes would have happened without the support in Travis Smith and Chris Duke.
Please stay up to date on our second location as we will be posting news on and our social media platforms.

To the parents who have believed in us since day one, words will never describe our appreciation to you (heart)
Iso Sports Performance Training is now the BEST program in Houston for youth sports development training.


January 15, 2015by admin

The Pasadena Memorial Lady Track team have joined our Program! The girls were hungry for success on their upcoming track season. The Isokinetic Speed Development Program has stepped in as a strategy to reinforce the lady Mavericks to help them win races! The Isokinetic team would like to wish them the very BEST of luck on their following races.


November 20, 2014by admin

Mixed martial arts Manny “El Animal” Lozoya, has joined the Isokinetic Speed Development program to enchance his speed and endurance. With training on the Vertimax platforms, Manny has now felt more explosive in the octagon! His results have also gained him more stamina to last longer while the opponent has tired out. Manny Lozoya represents Millenium Martial Ats and Muay ThiaCorner. He is currently the Bantamweight champion for GarciaPromotions. His record stands at 10 wins with only 3 losses. Manny is now on a five fight winning streak, and strongly believes that the Isokinetic Speed Program had something to do with that! As he approaches his profesional debut, he is planning on using the Isokinetic Speed Program as one of his main plans for conditioning and speed training.

-Isokinetic Team